Course Approval

A Course Approval Request must be completed and approved in order for any Political Science course not listed in the Barnard Course Catalogue to be credited toward the courses required for the Barnard Political Science major.

Please know that this procedure is separate from what the Registrar requires for course credit toward degree requirements. A course may be credited toward the 120 points required for graduation, but will not be counted as satisfying major requirements unless this form has been completed and approved.

   Course approval request form

Who Must File This Form

  1. Transfer students majoring in Political Science who wish to have political science courses taken at their previous college counted toward the Political Science major here at Barnard. Please note that at least six of the required major courses must be taken at Barnard.
  2. Political Science Majors studying away from Barnard. A student may use up to two courses from one semester away toward the Barnard Political Science major and up to three courses from a full year away.
  3. Political Science Majors who have obtained pre-approval from their Major Advisor to substitute a course in another department for one of the three elective political science courses and who now will request approval from the Department Chair. Note that this course cannot be an introductory course and it must have significant political science content. Approval after the fact will not be granted. Only one such course is allowed.
  4. Political Science Majors taking summer courses, either at Columbia or elsewhere, which they wish to have counted toward their Political Science major.
  5. Political Science Majors taking Columbia courses which are not cross-listed in the Barnard Course Catalogue and which they wish to have counted toward their Political Science major.

How To File This Form

Please provide the information requested and then take the form to the Department Chair together with all supporting documents (e.g. reading lists, catalogue description, papers written).

If your request is approved, submit the signed form to Madeleine Lloyd-Davies, the Department Administrator, in 1113 Milstein.

Important: Unless this procedure is followed, your transcript cannot be certified for graduation!

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