Scott Minkoff

Assistant Professor of Political Science

American Government & Politics


Professor Scott Minkoff joined the Barnard faculty on July 1, 2011.  He teaches courses on American politics, state and local politics, federalism, legislative politics, policy development, and data analysis. 

Professor Minkoff's research focuses on the politics of public goods provision in American metropolitan areas.  He is currently working on a project that examines how the provision of public goods impacts social capital, political participation, and neighborhood investment.  His research involves the use of quantitative and qualitative social science methodologies with an emphasis on spatial statistics, geographic information systems, and network analysis.  Work by Professor Minkoff has appeared in Political Geography, American Politics Research, Urban Affairs Review, and Social Science Quarterly.

You will find selected syllabi on-line.

POLS W 1201 Introduction to American Politics
Discussion section W 1211 required. Enrollment limited to 100 students. "L"-course sign-up.

POLS BC 3304 Colloquium on Politics and Policy-Making in American Federalism
Enrollment limited to 16 students. Admission by application through the Political Science Department only.
Cross-listed by the Urban Studies Program.

POLS V 3222 Political Science Research Methods
Co-requisite:  V 3223 Computer Lab. Enrollment Limited to 30 students.

POLS BC 3328 Politics of Urban Development

POLS BC 3761 Senior Research Seminar in American Government and Politics (no longer a part of the curriculum)

  • 2011 National Science Foundation Political Science Program Dissertation Improvement Grant
  • 2010 Best Paper, Urban Politics Section (American Political Science Association 2010 Annual Conference) for "The Proximate Polity: The Spatial Context of the Local Developmental Goods Provision"
  • 2010 Norton Long Young Scholars Award (American Political Science Association, Urban Politics Section)
  • 2010 Stone Scholar (American Political Science Association, Urban Politics Section)

Fall, 2014


“Networks, Context, and the Use of Spatially-Weighted Survey Metrics.” Political Geography 42: 79-91.  With Todd Makse and Anand E. Sokhey.

“From Competition to Cooperation: A Dyadic Approach to Interlocal Agreements.” 2013. American Politics Research 41: 261-297.

"The Proximate Polity: Spatial Context and Political Risk in Local Developmental Goods Provision." 2012. Urban Affairs Review 48 (3).

"Minding Your Neighborhood: The Spatial Context of Local Redistribution." 2009. Social Science Quarterly 90 (3): 516-37.


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Ph.D., M.A. University of Colorado at Boulder

B.A. Skidmore College