Flora Davidson

Term Professor of Political Science and Urban Studies

American Government & Politics

Flora S. Davidson has been a member of the political science department since 1973, where she has taught courses in American government, urban politics and policy, and political leadership, and she advises political science and urban studies majors. Her research interests include how political leadership affects political outcomes, urban politics and policy, and New York City housing policies.  Her current teaching program includes First-Year Seminar "Reacting to the Past,” “American Urban Politics,” “Colloquium on Exploring Political Leadership,” and “Contemporary Urban Issues.”  She serves as director of the urban studies program at Barnard and Columbia.

Professor Davidson served as associate provost of Barnard College from 1995-2008, as acting dean of the faculty in 1994-95, and as Associate Dean of the Faculty beginning in 1990.  From 1984 to 1990, she served as dean for special academic programs where she created a number of summer programs, including Barnard's Pre-College Program for high school students. A Barnard alumna, she earned her Ph.D. in political science at Columbia University and taught at New York University before returning to Barnard as a faculty member in 1973.

Academic Focus: 

The effect of political leadership on political outcomes
American urban politics
New York City housing policy


You will find selected syllabi published on-line.

POLS V 3313  American Urban Politics
Counts as a Political Science introductory-level course
Cross-listed by the American Studies Program

POLS BC 3332  Colloquium on Exploring Political Leadership
Counts as one of the two required Political Science colloquia
Cross-listed by the American Studies Program and the Athena Center for Leadership Studies
POLS prerequisite: An introductory-level American Politics course

POLS BC 3761  Senior Research Seminar in American Politics
Fulfills the Political Science senior seminar requirement
POLS prerequisite: A colloquium in the subfield of your potential senior essay topic

FYSB BC 1618  First-Year Seminar: Reacting to the Past

URBS V 3546  Urban Studies Junior Colloquium: Contemporary Urban Issues



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Office Hours: 

416-B Lehman


A.B., Barnard College

Ph.D., Columbia University

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