Faculty News

Prof. Sheri Berman wrote about the state of European democracy for Dissent Magazine, Foreign Policy, the Washington Post, and reviewed a book on the same topic for the New York Times.

Prof. Kimberly Marten wrote a policy memo for the PONARS Eurasia group that seeks to explain the puzzles and inconsistencies of Russia’s policy toward the US in 2016/17, discussed US-Russia relations on BBC, was cited by Buzzfeed on US-Russia relations and elections, and wrote about her experience with Rex Tillerson’s State Dept and her advice on US-Russia relations for the New Republic.

Prof. Paula Franzese wrote about new years resolutions for the New Jersey Law Journal. Her research and recommendations were also used by New Jersey legislators to formulate two pieces of legislation that help tenants.  

Prof. Severine Autesserre discussed peacekeeping, Congo, and the recent attack on United Nations blue helmets in North Kivu on i24news (her segment begins at the 5:15 mark), and received the Prix Special du Jury (Special Prize of the Jury) from the Fonds Croix-Rouge Française (French Red Cross Fund) awarded to “an original trajectory and the quality of the research.” A French video portrait of Prof. Autesserre can be found here.

Prof. Alexander Cooley wrote about how despots and kleptocrats hide their wealth for the Washington Post.

Prof. Michael Miller's paper "The Effects of Candidate Race and Gender on Party Chairs' Assessments of Electoral Viability," with David Doherty of Loyola University and Conor Dowling of University of Mississippi was awarded "Best Paper of 2017" by the APSA Experiments Section.

Prof. Eduardo Moncada wrote about the business of violence in Latin America.