Faculty News

Prof. Paula Franzese shares words of wisdom with Columbia students

Prof. Paula Franzese writes about loving law as a career in the New Jersey Law Journal

Prof. Paula Franzese is interviewed for the Star Ledger regarding her work to even the playing fields between landlords and tenants.

Prof. Paula Franzese is the recipient of the 2017 Justice Marie Garibaldi Award for Distinguished Service and Excellence, conferred by the NJ State Bar Association. 

Prof. Paula Franzese's research and recommendations used by New Jersey legislators to formulate two pieces of legislation that help tenants.  The research examines the rights of tenants who live in substandard and often legally "uninhabitable" housing, and offers recommendations to help rectify the legal disadvantages and unjust repercussions to tenants within the system.

Prof. Kimberly Marten discusses Russia and the Trump administration on Charlie Rose

Prof. Severine Autesserrewrites  article for the Washington Post on international peacebuilding. A longer version of the Post article can be found on the International Studies Review website.

Prof. Kimberly Marten writes about why a cyber accord with Russia is in US interests for Fortune

Prof. Severine Autesserre  cited in Le Monde's article on the Congo.

Prof. Kimberly Marten  featured on NPR's 1A show to comment on Russia's role in the U.S. elections.

Prof. Severine Autesserre writes about elections and the root of problems in Congo for Foreign Affairs.

Prof. Kimberly Marten publishes a major policy report on NATO-Russia relations, including her recommendations to US policy makers.

Prof. Severine Autesserre writes about international peacebuilding for the Washington Post.

Prof. Eduardo Moncada writes about the business of violence in Latin America.

Prof. Ayten Gundogdu's newly published book now available and featured on Flavorwire's list of "10 Must-Read Academic Books for 2015"

At TEDxNewYork, Prof. Sheri Berman discusses the fragile state of young democracies

At TEDGlobal conference, Prof. Severine Autesserre speaks about conflict in the Congo

Prof. Cooley discusses the chaos in eastern Ukraine and the new sanctions against Russia

Prof. Severine Autesserre is cited by IRIN and interviewed by BBC World regarding conflict resolution and peace building in the Congo.

 Prof. Severine Autesserre writes a reply to debates over her arguments in Foreign Affairs. 

Prof. Kimberly Marten explains on PBS Newshour why the US strike on the Syrian airbase will likely not damage US-Russia relations, and comments on US-Russia relations, the Tillerson visit, and why she thinks cooperation is possible after the air strike in Syria on NPR and ForeignAffairs.com.

Prof. Paula Franzese featured for her success as one of the top law professors in the country on the Gender Equality Project, a website created by Barnard students to share the stories of successful women in the workforce.

Prof. Lisel Hintz and current BC student Melina Dunham co-authored an article about Turkey's upcoming referendum for the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog.