Emeriti and Former Faculty

Below follows contact information for Emeriti and former Political Science faculty. All former full-time members are listed, but only the most recent part-time faculty.

Professors Emeriti

Demetrios "Jim" Caraley
American Government & Politics

Dennis G. Dalton
Political Theory

Flora S. Davidson
American Government & Politics, Urban Politics

Peter H. Juviler
Comparative Politics & Foreign Government
Human Rights

Richard Pious
American Government & Politics

Former Professors

Linda J. Beck
Associate Professor, University of Maine-Farmington
Department of Political Science
270 Main Street, Farmington, ME 04938-1720
Tel: 207-778-7341. Fax: 207-778-7418. linda.beck@maine.edu

Leslie J. Calman
Executive Director, Mautner Project
1875 Connecticut Ave. N.W. #710, Washington, DC 20009-5740
Tel: 202.332.5536. lcalman@mautner.org

Michael X. Delli Carpini
Professor of Communication and Walter H. Annenberg Dean
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania
3620 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6220
Tel: 215-898-7041. Fax: 215-898-2024. mxd@asc.upenn.edu

Mona El-Ghobashy
Visiting Research Scholar, Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life
Columbia University, 80 Claremont Avenue, Rm. 203, Mail Code: 9611
New York, NY 10027 me27@caa.columbia.edu

Elisabeth Jay Friedman
Associate Professor, Politics Department, University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94117-1080
Tel: 415-422-6046. Fax: 415-422-2101. ejfriedman@usfca.edu

Jeffrey M. Friedman
Editor, Critical Review
P.O. Box 869, Helotes, TX 78023-0869

Ester R. Fuchs
Professor of International and Public Affairs and Political Science
The School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
International Affairs Building, Room 1430-A: Mail Code 3328
420 West 118th Street, New York, NY 10027-7213
Tel: 212-854-3866. Fax: 212-854-4782. ef25@columbia.edu

Lorraine C. Minnite
Associate Professor and Director, Undergraduate Urban Studies Program
Department of Public Policy and Administration
Rutgers University, 401 Cooper Street, Camden, NJ 08102-1521
Tel: 856-225-2526. lcm130@camden.rutgers.edu

Scott L. Minkoff
Assistant Professor, SUNY-New Paltz
Department of Political Science and International Relations

Judith Russell

Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science
Department of Political Science
Columbia University, International Affairs Building, Room 722: Mail Code 3320
420 West 118th Street, New York, NY 10027-6902
Tel: 212-854-3646. Fax: 212-222-0598. jr323@columbia.edu

J. Phillip Thompson
Associate Professor of Urban Politics
Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Room 9-517
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139-4301
Tel: 617-452-2813. jt71@mit.edu

Naomi J. Weinberger
Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Former Staff:

Anne Wolff-Lawson

Nell Dillon-Ermers


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