Courses for First-Year Students


Political Science Courses:

First-year students are invited to take any of the introductory courses in Political Science, either at the 1000-level or one of the selected courses at the 3000-level. For information, follow the link in the right margin.

The First-year Class Dean traditionally arranges with Barnard instructors to reserve a percentage of the slots in their fall semester introductory classes for incoming first-year Barnard students. Please note that space is reserved only for fall courses, because students will be on campus for advance program-filing for the spring semester. Current courses are listed in the Barnard Course Catalogue.

First-Year Seminars taught by Political Science Faculty:

These courses are not all offered each year. Please check the Barnard Catalogue First-Year Seminar section.


Updated January 15, 2015, by Anne Wolff-Lawson.