Department Representative


The Department Representative (the "DR") helps political science majors and other students interested in our department with questions that regular faculty advisors are not able to answer. You should, for example, see the DR if you are interested in studying abroad, in getting transfer or summer credits approved for the political science major or minor, or any other type of course approval.

The DR can sign a variety of forms, including those for minor declaration. (On the other hand, the prospective major advisor should sign the major declaration form, *not* the Chair or the DR.)

All courses listed in the Political Science section of the Barnard Course Catalogue, including those cross-listed at the end of that page, automatically count toward the political science major or minor. If you wish to count any other political science course toward the major or minor, please read the "Transfer Credit" section on our External Credit page.

Please use the Major Audit to track your courses for the political science major.

The current Department Representative is named on the Faculty & Staff page. You can come by during office hours or else make an appointment for a different, mutually convenient time.

Wishing you much success!


Milbank Hall window (Photo: EJ)

Updated 3 April 2013 by Anne Wolff-Lawson.