Study Abroad

While the Department of Political Science encourages its majors to study abroad, care must be taken to assure that major and minor requirements are filled in an appropriate and timely way. The Department and the College allow a Political Science major to receive departmental credit for a maximum of two courses taken while abroad for one semester, or three courses from a year abroad, out of the total of nine or ten courses required. The three required colloquia must be taken in our department. A minor may receive credit for only one course taken abroad out of five required courses. The maximum amount of credit awarded for a one-semester course is 3 points.

Obtaining this credit requires the following two-stage process. Please see the Department Chair (DR) about requesting study-abroad credit or any other type of course approval.

  1. PRIOR TO GOING ABROAD students should consult with the Department Chair to assure that the university, program and, when possible, the specific courses the student intends to take are appropriate for major transfer credit. However,  this pre-approval does *not* guarantee course credit from the department toward the major or minor. Final approval cannot be given until the student returns. Please consult the Study Abroad website for instructions on how to request pre-approval for your courses abroad. (If you are in doubt while you are abroad, you should e-mail reading lists at the beginning of the term to our Department Chair.)
  2. UPON RETURNING, students must submit to the Department Chair a completed Course Approval Request along with supporting documents such as a course description, syllabus, transcript and, when possible, course work such as papers or exams. Please fill out one form for each course intended to fill major requirements, return the signed form(s) to the Department Administrator, in 1113 Milstein, *and* bring a copy of the signed form(s) to the registrar to ensure that your credits are recorded on your transcript.

Use the Major Audit (Class of 2020 or laterClass of 2019 or earlier) to track your political science courses.

While abroad, students should apply for a Barnard colloquium. The schedules and application forms are on-line. Instead of submitting an application form, students abroad may send an email to Madeleine Lloyd-Davies, the Department Administrator, with all the information requested on the application.

¡Buen viaje!  Goede reis!  Bon voyage!

Have a good trip!

Щасливої ​​дорогu!  Gute Reise!  Buon Viaggio!


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