Columbia Undergraduate Seminar

You may use a political science seminar in the Columbia Undergraduate Program to fulfill an elective for the political science major at Barnard. However, you cannot substitute any of these seminars for a Barnard political science introductory lecture course, or for a colloquium.

These four-point Columbia seminars have an maximum class size of about twelve students. They are not "L" classes; instead you must obtain the instructor's permission during the first class session. If accepted, put the course on your program as soon as possible before the end of the semester's filing due date. You will want to have a back-up plan in place.

Please follow the registration procedures described on the Columbia Department of Political Science site for any of these seminars, except ask the instructor to sign your Barnard (*not* CU) Add/Drop form. Save this signed Add/Drop form for yourself for at least the first two weeks of the semester. (The Barnard Registrar will not need it.)

Please use the Major Audit to track all the courses you will use toward the major.

POLS W3911, W3912     Seminars in Political Theory
Prerequisite: Instructor permission

POLS W3921, W3922     Seminars in American Politics
Prerequisite: POLS W1201 (or equivalent) & instructor permission

POLS W3951, W3952     Seminars in Comparative Politics
Prerequisite: POLS V1501 (or equivalent) & instructor permission

POLS W3961, W3962      Seminars in International Politics
Prerequisite: POLS V1601 (or equivalent) & instructor permission