Senior Poster Requirement


Your senior (paper) projects will give a full accounting of all the complexities of your case, the policies possible for dealing with it, and a complete accounting of your own views.  Your posters, on the other hand, are designed to give your peers and colleagues a quick overview of your topic and findings; a poster will therefore only present the highlights of your paper.

What are the basic elements of a Poster?

  • Title/Author: should be simple and easy to see
  • Abstract: identifies what is being studied, what you are trying to figure out, and your findings/conclusion.
  • Body: What are the main questions your paper is addressing (i.e. what are the main challenges/problems facing democracy in your country? What are the main alternatives available for dealing with these challenges? 
  • Data/empirics: Here is where you could use graphs, charts or quantitative analysis.  Visual representations of your argument or data are very useful in a poster.
  • Conclusions: Be clear and concise: What did you find and how is this similar/different from previous analyses?  What is the “bottom line” of your analysis? (i.e. What, in a nutshell, do you suggest the U.S. do vis-à-vis democratic consolidation in your country and how is this similar/different from what is currently being done?)
  • Basic references

Standard size is usually no larger than 2 feet by 4 feet.  Your poster should be hard-backed. STOP BY THE DEPARTMENT OFFICE IN LEHMAN 417 TO PICK UP POSTERBOARD.

A great poster is:

  • Readable: the elements should flow and relate logically to each other.  Text should be clear, concise, and free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Legible: Don’t cram too much info or data into the space you have.  Don’t use overly fancy fonts or fonts that are too small.  Organize your information carefully.
  • Attractive to the eye: this may mean making good use of graphics and/or pictures, but it may also just mean presenting your research and findings in a succinct, easily digestible and interesting manner.  Color and spacing should be used wisely and consistently.
  • Want to see an example of a great poster? Click here.

Local options for printing your poster:

Fed Ex: 600 West 116th Street
Price range:  $7.25/sq. ft. and up

Village Copier:  118th and Amsterdam
Price range:  $10-$200+

Staples: 125th Street and Lenox
Price range:  $5.99/sq. ft. and up

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