Course Evaluations

Barnard College encourages its faculty to post course evaluations on a voluntary basis. Here you'll find links to evaluation data from a number of Political Science Faculty.

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American Politics

Richard Pious

BC 1001 Dynamics of American Politics

BC 3212 Environmental

BC 3331 Colloquium: American Political Decisionmaking

W 4316 The American Presidency

W 4321 Constitutional Law of Presidential-Congressional Relations

Comparative Politics

Sheri Berman

V 3401 Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe

BC 3761 Senior Research Seminar

V 4414 Making Democracy Work

G 8431 European Domestic Political Development

Xiaobo Lü

V 1501 Introduction to Comparative Politics

BC 3425 Colloquium: Politics of Development in East Asia

BC 3500 Colloquium: Political Economy of Corruption and its Control

V 3620 Introduction to Contemporary Chinese Politics

W 4435 Political Corruption and Governance

BC 3761 Senior Research Seminar in Comparative Politics

G 8471 Chinese Politics in Comparative Perspective (CU graduate course)

International Relations

Séverine Autesserre

V 3604 Civil Wars & International Intervention in Africa

BC 3761 Senior Research Seminar

BC 3810 Colloquium: Aid, Politics & Violence in Africa

INAF U 8869 Civil Wars & Peace Settlements

Alexander Cooley

V 1601 International Politics

V 3615 Globalization and International Politics

BC 3761 Senior Research Seminar in International Politics

BC 3800 Colloquium: International Political Economy

BC 3805 Colloquium: International Organization

INAF U 6570 Challenging Sovereignty in the Post-Communist States

Kimberly Marten

V 1601 International Politics

V 3675 Russia and the West

BC 3055 Colloquium: Political Violence and Terrorism

BC 3671 Senior Research Seminar on International Relations & Comparative Politics

BC 3812 Colloquium: Sovereignty, State Failure and Warlords


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