Every Barnard Political Science major must take three colloquia. The third colloquia integrates the senior capstone requirement. 
The colloquium format involves weekly discussion of readings, and development of research skills through completion of a 25- to 30-page research paper, constituting the major piece of written work for the course.  See the course catalogue for a detailed description of the colloquium requirement. A colloquium, as with any course used for the major or minor requirement, cannot be taken Pass/D/Fail
Prerequisite: Please make certain that, before enrolling, you will have successfully completed one lecture course in the relevant subfield or have received special permission from the instructor for that requirement to be waived. Colloquia are not suitable for first-year students. Sophomores will be admitted as room permits. When making your third colloquium selection, please keep in mind that it is to your benefit to choose one in the field of your anticipated senior essay topic.

Columbia seminars do not fulfill the colloquium requirement for political science (they do provide elective credit).
Each political science colloquium is limited to sixteen students who are assigned by the department, not by individual instructors. Preference is given in the following order: senior Barnard majors; junior Barnard majors; sophomore Barnard students who have declared the major and will be studying abroad during junior year; senior and junior majors from other undergraduate divisions of the University; non-majors from all undergraduate divisions of the university. 
Please apply here via our  print the application form or obtain an application from the Department, 417-A Lehman Hall. You may return the completed form in person to the Department Administrator,  email it to: or fax it to 212-854-3024.

Essay Prize: Every semester colloquium instructors each can nominate one essay written by a Barnard Political Science major in her or his colloquium for the Political Science Quarterly Prize.

Application Deadlines

For the fall colloquia, Barnard Political Science majors must submit their applications to the Department Office, 417-A Lehman Hall, by 5:00 p.m. on April 1 - April Fools' Day! If April 1 falls on a weekend, the applications will be due the following Monday at 5pm.

For the spring colloquia, Barnard Political Science majors must submit their applications to the Department Office, 417-A Lehman Hall, by 5:00 p.m. on October 31 - Halloween! If October 31 falls on a weekend, the applications will be due the following Monday at 5pm. The placement roster will be posted on the "Class Information" bulletin board outside 416-A Lehman Hall after 12 noon on November 6.

(Sophomores, please note: The Dean of Studies' due date for you to declare your major is March 1.)
Please note that students are assigned to a colloquium by the Department and not by individual instructors. Be sure to attend the first class session in order to secure your place in the course.


Spring 2016 Colloquium Schedule

POLS BC 3118  Problems of International Security
Prereq: POLS V 1501 or V 1601 or the equivalent
TUESDAY 2:10-4:00
Kimberly Marten

POLS BC 3306 Politics of Judicial Interpretation
Prereq: POLS 1201 
TUESDAY 12:10-2:00
Daniel Kato

POLS BC 3329 Harlem in Theory
Prereq:  POLS V 1013 or equivalent
MONDAY 6:10-8:00
Michelle-Renee Smith

POLS BC 3330 Women in American Politics
Prereq:  POLS 1201 or equivalent
WEDNESDAY 2:10-4:00
Michael G. Miller

POLS BC 3411 Building Peace
Prereq: POLS 1601 or the equivalent
TUESDAY 12:10-2:00
Séverine Autesserre

POLS BC 3501 Urban Violence iIn Comparative Perspective
Prereq: POLS V 1501 or the equivalent
TUESDAY 4:10-6:00
Eduardo Moncada

POLS BC 3505 Making Democracy Work
Prereq: POLS V 1501 or the equivalent
MONDAY 2:10-4:00
Sheri Berman

POLS BC 3801 Politics of Economic Development In the World
Prereq: POLS V 1501 or the equivalent
THURSDAY 2:10-4:00
Xiaobo Lu

Colloquium Application Process

Please note that we ask you to submit three colloquium choices. To the degree possible, the Department will try to honor one of your first two choices. If you list fewer than three choices, you will be assigned to a colloquium at random.
The number of semesters you have left at Barnard plays a role in the selection process. Therefore, if you are planning to study abroad or to participate in S.I.P.A.'s Joint Degree Program, be sure to indicate this.
Please don't forget: on the back of the application, write down for each one of your three choices (1) what courses you have taken in other departments that are relevant to this particular colloquium and (2) why you want to take this colloquium.
You can now apply via print the application form(in PDF) and bring it in to the Political Science Department, 417-A Lehman Hall. You can also fax it to 1-212-854-3024, or scan and email it to

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